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Le Kraken (The kraken)


In stories and legends, the kraken is a huge marine monster which looks like a squid. People says it is not really friendly and attacks both boats and sailor men. The kraken has been a source of inspiration for several writers and artists appearing in Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea or being Greyjoy emblem. My kraken is cute and, I promise, will not destroy anything inside your house!  Printed with black ink on white paper.
Packaging – Each linocut is wrapped in tissue paper and then inserted inside a cardboard portfolio which is stamped and manually bond with string.

Print in A3 format (30 cm x 40 cm)
The paper used is a Canson Imagine
Caligo ink : Safe Wash, Relief Ink, Black
Printing in 40 numbered and stamped copies


Each linocut is unique

the density and details vary from print to print. This is what makes the charm of linocut and an artisanal print.


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