An engraver artist, I make linocut prints with the marine world and its surroundings as the main theme.
Linogravure c'est pas la mer à boire

Margaux Magny

Hi! I’m originally from St Malo and am a graphic designer usually working on communication projects, logos and web design. By chance, I’ve discovered linocuts at a workshop and straight away liked the materials and this very rich activity. To me, it’s at the same time creative and rigorous and I really enjoy drawing, craving and using my muscles to print by hand with the heavy press. Handicraft is for me a way to avoid screens and find again the pleasure of creating an object from A to Z.

Limited series

Each printing is unique and includes its own trademarks and beautiful defaults.
It is the charming secret of linocuts.

WHAT IS linocut ?

It is a completely handmade printing process. I start by drawing my illustration on my graphic tablet before transferring it on a linoleum block thanks to a carbon paper.

Then, I carve this material using linocut cutting tools – gouges- in order to create reliefs. Once the illustration is carved in my block, I ink it and pull it with a press. It is a bit like creating a huge stamp.

Finally, my illustrations are printed in 30 to 40 samples.